Frida Quinceanera – Tribute to Frida Khalo

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  • Mixed Media on Canvas w/embellishments encapsulated in an acrylic museum box
  • Created: 2021

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“I was always strongly influenced by Frida Kahlo, her colors and shapes. From childhood, I knew about Frida, her artworks, diseases, and eccentricities. The Khalo family and my grandparents, from my mother’s side, were neighbors at Coyoacan, Mexico.

My curiosity for knowing more about her gradually grew, as I saw her paintings as frightening and fascinating at the same time. My grandmother said that both their homes were identical, built in the same years, perhaps by the same person. When we were children, our mother would bring us to see the blue house, being nostalgic of her own… Later, I began to understand better her art and my admiration for “Frieda” became stronger. I studied diverse biographies comparing them with what my mother or grandmother had said to me, many truths, some lies, and much fantasy… I always was attracted by strong colors of great luminosity and definition, by the human figure, especially the eyes that I feel are a window of the soul. For the tribute I painted a strong and severe Frida with the sweetest eyes I was able to depict. My grandmother used to say: a very different girl, strong as a rock with a gaze sweet as bread. I also painted my mother as Frida, with small chameleons that symbolize a constant search in my painting, always changing, evolving to newer things, subjects or media.

As if anything could escape from my brush, I am inspired by the sun, the planets, a flower, my dog, or everything. I portrayed myself as Frida, during a very hard moment in my life.

Although it was entertaining to do and started as a game, it ended up being a great therapy. After this painting, I reinforced my self-esteem, self-compassion, and my thoughts, changing what was in my head, and putting it all in a positive way, in order to move ahead.

And so it was!”

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Dimensions 60 × 48 in

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