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  • Original Artwork on Belgium Linen Birch Panel
  • The artwork comes with a beautiful gold-leafed frame (adding approx. 7-8 inches in the dimensions HxW), and is pre-wired for hanging

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Still Life…Seeing the Beauty in the Little Things. Some of the most famous still lifes in history are paintings of fruit and flowers, and very common objects generally resting on tabletops. They are unlikely characters in anti-climactic settings. Yet, they persist in modern times as popular art pieces. Halved avocadoes and watering cans full of flowers provide simple, unassuming pleasure in the home, and they have a lasting legacy in galleries. The concept behind appreciating still life really amounts to one thing – appreciation for the little things.

Probably the best part of a still life is its simplicity. It is a refreshing break from scenic or active imagery that allows one to pause and think about the beauty of life.  Sometimes, one has to appreciate the little  things in order to escape the complexities of reality. These things are often taken for granted, but they’re an ever-present part of everyone’s life. Art shines light on things that complete our world, of which we are unaware, and it reveres the details. This helps us better understand the world around us. I hope that my contributions will both leave a legacy and help us appreciate the beauty of little things.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 2 in
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Beige, Black, Orange, Red

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Medium: e.g. 20 x 24"+


18" x 24"

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