Loot – 5 Gold Coins


  • E.LEE in collaboration with sculptor Jonathan Michael Johnson
  • Poured tin, rare earth magnets, encrypted NFC tag encased in 3D printed plastic, digital counterpart written to the TroveID blockchain
  • 2in x 2in x3/8in sculptures
  • 2021: edition of 220 coins
  • Sold in groups of 5
Products available in person only during Spectrum 2021

E.LEE’s interactive project LOOT is a game exploring the concept of value.

Rules of LOOT
1. LOOT coin sculptures release in yearly editions starting w/ 220 coins for 2021
2. Like real money, each coin exists both physically and digitally
3. Each edition releases with an approximate 20% price increase over the prior year
4. Once purchased, a collector can choose to keep their investment and display it as art, or play the market and re-list one or more coins for sale on the TroveID marketplace

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 2 in

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