Techcombs (recycled computer keys)

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  • Original Artwork to be permanently installed at your location with 1/16 inch metal trim
  • Created: 2020
  • Contact artist for installation information

Made from 12,000 recycled computer keys, about 136 keyboards

Quotes spelled out within the keys of the artwork:

“Techcombs” “bit” “bytes” “kilobytes” “Megabytes” “Gigabytes” “Terabytes” “Petabytes” Exabytes” and “Zettabytes”

Living in a technological world, everything we see is pixelated. When we remember things, we are remembering mental pictures, which in turn is really the pixelation, rather than the piece itself. Think, why do so many people love the Mona Lisa but haven’t seen the real painting with their own eyes?

I strive to grasp this concept by creating pixel pieces that also send literal messages. Each piece becomes a journal entry for me. Recycled computer keyboards are collected, keys are popped off, color sorted, washed, and some dyed. Each key has its own personality expressed by shape, color, depth, etc. Placing these keys together gives a pixelated beauty from the front and a mesmerizing texture up close and on the side.

Additional information

Dimensions 107 × 57 × 2 in
UWCF Colors

Black, Grey, Light Blue, Medium Blue, White

UWCF Sizes

Horizontal, Oversized: e.g. 36 x 48"+

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