Phillip Gagnon

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Phillip Gagnon

Phillip Gagnon is the Assistant to the Bishop for Domestic Missions and Discipleship for the NALC in St. Albert, Alberta Canada. He is married to his beautiful, intelligent and mostly right about almost everything wife, Patricia and has three adult children busy enjoying their lives while simultaneously driving him crazy as often as they can.

In my art I aspire to inspire others to see the beauty in everything around us, to feel the emotions stirred within me when I saw a scene for the first time. I feel that every moment of life reflects the Supreme artist’s hand – in doing so I find life itself in the creation of every piece.

Inspired by the New Brunswick north shore and then the west coast of British Columbia where I’ve been raised, I’ve been in love with the beauty of coastal landscapes; the movement of water in waves, waterfalls, skies and seascapes. In my artistic journey I am blessed to have been befriended, mentored by and painted with the renowned Hawaiian oil painter Roy Tabora. I truly am in my happy place with brush in hand, music playing and an Irish whiskey at my side.

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I once told my wife I tend toward realistic impressionism which elicited much laughter. She remarked that she didn’t think there was such a thing… probably not actually 🙂 I said.

To be honest I love various mediums from watercolour to acrylic and lately oils. I often use acrylics to lay an underpainting since it dries quickly and allows me to layer the oils sooner rather than later, well at least the first layer of oil 🙂.

I tend toward Impressionism and have appreciated Roy Tabora’s Romanticism and his masterful use of chroma in his seascapes of Hawaii and that has certainly influenced me greatly. But I love realism as well as seen in my painting entitled Tranquility as I strive to relate the beauty of the moment in nature’s light and colours. Otherwise, whether a looser or tighter realistic approach I love using layers to bring a painting to life while trying to accentuate the centre of focus using pure chroma while greying down the scene further away from that centre regardless if it’s realism or impressionist. I think I’ll honestly be learning Roy’s approach for the remainder of my artistic journey and that okay! There’s a never ending world out there of discovery that I look forward to exploring!

“Being a third generation artist and a professional for over 37 years, I’ve been privileged to meet countless artists whose vision and artistry have been an inspiration. Not as common is meeting those with the heart of an artist, which to me, is the foundation on which skills, techniques, and processes are best anchored. Phillip Gagnon is such an artist. This is evident in his work which causes the viewer to not merely see, but more importantly, to feel. To me, this is what adds the most value to the art.” – Roy Tabora

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