Jay Landrum

Art Law Attorney


Jay Landrum has more than 20 years of experience representing art-based clients, including painters, photographers sculptors, song writers, authors, and art publishers and art agents in areas of general representation, publishing, distribution, licensing, copyright, and trademark.  Speaking annually at the world’s largest fine art trade show, Mr. Landrum is a recognized expert in the field of art law, and he has served as an expert witness in the area of art licensing. While serving as General Counsel for a NYSE company, Mr. Landrum developed creative, business oriented solutions for an industry leader with thousands of dealers in its network. He has first-hand experience in developing a business from inception, including organizational matters, technology licensing, manufacturing agreements, fundraising, and merger transactions. As a former litigator, he has experience in dealing with business landmines, as well as avoiding them in the first place. Reach him at Jay.Landrum@berliner.com

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