Exhibitor Series

We know, it’s been quite a year! And some things still seem uncertain. Here’s what is certain: the pandemic is not over, COVID is still out there, but vaccines are rolling out across the country and world. We believe we can anticipate a good year ahead. We’ll stay connected with virtual events until we can get back to live events in the Fall. Redwood is on the move — we hope you’ll join us!


Webinar Series:

All About Trade Events Webinar

WHEN: Tuesday, March 30 at 11 a.m. (Pacific Time)

WHERE: All confirmed participants will be sent a calendar invitation and link prior to the event.

check What are TRADE DAYS? Who will attend?

check How do you sell to the trade? Get ready — we're inviting our list of 10,000+ galleries, designers, dealers, consultants to attend and we'll be offering special programming just for them.

check Strategies for building new relationships with a new wholesale audience

check Setting the right price points

check How-to's for RAVE virtual events

check Marketing your RAVE exhibition

Exhibitor Series

All About Trade Events

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