Bulletproof Love


  • Original artwork on Birchwood Canvas
  • Featuring LED backlighting, neon love light, 9 mm shell casings, with acrylic paint & aerosol, coated in high gloss epoxy resin
  • Created: 2020

The only certain (bulletproof) solution to our complex problems as a society (or even or more mundane personal problems), is to approach everything from a position of love. That is why the heart in this piece stopped the bullets from penetrating, but they punctured through everywhere else. The piece is is back lit with LED lighting that shines through the bullet holes, and features real 9 mm shell casings, and neon lighting.

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 18 in
UWCF Colors

Black, Red, White

UWCF Sizes

Large: e.g. 24 x 36"+

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