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01 Dec 2022

Meet the Artist: Red Dot Miami Spotlight Recipient Yang Dong

Yang Dong is one of the world’s leading sculptors. Born in Tianjin, China in 1967, and currently resides in Los Angeles. His work depicts a variety of subjects including animals, people, and abstract artworks. His sculptures have been exhibited throughout China and around the world and have garnered him numerous international awards. Yang’s fascination with […]

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02 Dec 2021

Meet the Artist: Surfergirl Gallery

Surfergirl Gallery is one of the Spectrum Miami’s 2021 Spotlight Recipients. Q. Introduce yourself — who you are and what you do? I’m Marcia Lorente Howell and I’m the founder of Surfergirl Gallery. We’re the first gallery in New York City to specialize in emerging women artists. I’m an oil on canvas artist myself with […]

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