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  • Original acrylic and mixed media artwork on gallery-wrapped canvas | Unframed, ready to hang
  • Created: 2022

Lucienne Toledo, born in Lima, Peru, left her country at a young age to continue her creative career as a talented emerging artist in the United States of America. At the present, she lives in Miami, Florida.
Lucienne says about her art and creativity: “I am a person filled with passion that wants to touch people with my art. My designs are completely original with the motive to demonstrate the message and
transmit a feeling when seen. I don’t try to be like anybody, I like being original. My art is abstract,
surreal, and unique. I look for eccentrics in my own works and I hope you’ll like it and feel what I feel. Total thanks.” Extract from the artist’s website,

In her artistic innovative abstract Art, Lucienne Toledo expresses her emotions and her feelings guide her through the creative process. Lucienne also paints using her own hands which helps to make more
intense her more resourceful expression as she says about it: “My artwork is based on the energy and intensity of my feelings. Each line and each movement of the paint is concentrated on what I was at the time. My hands move to the beat of my emotions. I am an artist who likes spontaneity, I do not like to plan how the work will be, instead, I prefer to surprise myself with what I am going to create at the moment. My hands are my brushes, and my feelings are my inspiration.”

Lucienne’s unique paintings merge two artistic disciplines, abstract expression, and paint, to become her own visual artwork made by thick layers on which she adds dripping or splashing. Her rich textures
almost go beyond the limits of two-dimensional painting, as they produce a noticeable depth and shine
that project the light existing around, connecting color and movement, making the viewers of her
artworks to have a feeling of abstract depictions of landscapes and feelings, also sensing the water, the sun, or the infinite space.

Abstract Art, although it does not represent things pictorially, it expresses the artist’s ideas or sensations. It is a field of the visual arts that do not embody objects or people from the observable world, as its elements may or may not be recognizable. Abstract Art is a non-representational art that communicates meaning with simplified or imaginary forms. In addition, Abstract Expressionism is a term that describes how some western artists in the 19th century and beyond blurred their images, forms, and colors to express their state of mind, it is an artistic idiom in which the emotions of an artist are paramount and take precedence over a faithful-to-life rendering of subject matter. The resulting artworks are not essentially figurative, nor abstract, however, they might be indefinite or imprecise in appearance. Some well-known artists quoted: “If Picasso drips, I drip”, said the Armenian-born American painter Arshile Gorky in the 1930’s. American-born artist, Jackson Pollock, 1912-1956, said: “When I am in my painting, I am not aware of what I am doing… because the painting has a life on its own”

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