Snapdragons And Lemonade


  • Original artwork on wood panels
  • Unframed
  • Ships in a box
  • Year Created: 2023

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“Snapdragons And Lemonade” is an original painting in acrylic with some other stuff mixed in and is part of my “Stories Tell Stories” series.

It’s Summer and people are thirsty. Alexander knew this so he started mixing the lemonade mix and cold water before he even asked if it was okay. (He knew it would be okay) What he didn’t know, was that his little sister, Regina, was going to want to help. Alexander liked his little sister okay, but let’s face it, she was his little sister.

“Can I help?”, she asked.

“No.” , he responded.




“This is my idea and I don’t need any help.” Alexander said. “You come up with your own idea.”, he added.

“Fine.” Regina exclaimed before marching off.

Alexander had sold two cups of lemonade before Regina walked up to his stand with a vase of flowers. He watched her as she set them on the ground next to his stand, walked to the front of his stand, pulled out a violet-colored crayon from her pocket and wrote the words, “Snapdragons and” in front of the word “Lemonade.”

“Hey!”, he said.

“My idea.”, she responded.

The abstract/expressionistic art is constructed of layers of paint and other mediums. Texture is added or created by scraping, scratching, layering and using anything I can find to add or remove paint. One of my favorite tools is a kitchen fork so if you can usually find a spot on every painting where a fork has been drug through the paint.

As a primarily self-taught artist, the meaning for most of my work comes through the act of creating it. It is the physical act of getting my hands dirty by applying paint and other materials to create an image that is full of energy, texture and sometimes wonder. I try not to take myself or my paintings too seriously but try thank God every day for His creation and for the desire and ability to create.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 in

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