The Stratofortress


  • The work is produced on lumachrome paper and face mounted to acrylic. A DiBond backer is added for support and a recessed frame is added so that the work is ready to hang.
  • Other framing and size options are available. Contact me text/Whatsapp – 808.321.8643
  • *other sizes available
  • The Stratofortress was created in 2019
  • Edition of 5 available in three sizes

I always knew I was going to join the military. I’m a sixth generation first son and all my fathers were in the military. No one ever said I had to join, but I knew it would happen. As a child, if I was lucky enough to get a window seat on long drives I’d stick a Sprite bottle between my legs and pretend I were a pilot while I stared out the window at the sky. The inside of the car would become my cockpit, the bottle my control stick and I’d fly my fighter jet over the trees and between cars.

Instead of pilot or flight crew I ended up building and maintaining the bombs and missiles that defend our country. I still got to work around fighters and bombers I imagined as a kid and the wonder still captivates me. Today, I can’t afford to let my imagination venture so far afield while I drive.

Like all of my work, the collection is a combination of what I saw there and what I imagined afterward. My love for aircraft and my love for big skies are combined here to create the three works in the Skyward collection.

Stratofortress Bomber Boeing KB-50J

The Skyward collection is captured with the legendary Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera system and are available in incredible detail and size. Skyward: Bomber is a panoramic combination of 6 individual MF images, panned from left to right.

As the B-50s began to be replaced by other types of bombers they were modified for use as aerial refueling tankers by the Tactical Air Command. The first modifications involved removing all armament and installing extra fuel tanks in the fuselage and under the wings.

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Dimensions 28 × 84 × 2 in


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Black Laquer Floater Fame

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