Untitled N (@1/2°; lines and dots series)


  • Original artwork, unframed.
  • Ready to hang. High-quality, weight-specific picture hangers provided.
  • Uses oil paint-pigmented paraffin wax on reinforced wood panel
  • Sold as a single panel
  • Created: 2018

The “at 1/2 degree” body of work originated out of a desire to see the visual effect some semi-translucent material might have a simple field of color when laid on that field in varying thicknesses. The material selected to promote this effect was ordinary paraffin wax. For example, a horizontal plane with a deep blue hue applied and tilted at some theoretic angle, say at 1/2 degree, with wax heated to liquid and poured onto this field. Where thin the image below the wax layer would appear more clearly visible; where more thickly applied a greater opacity would result, obscuring and modifying in interesting ways the way we see and interpret the image below.

The current “lines and dots” series grew from this simple, essential visual curiosity.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 30 × 214 in

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