Hello and thank you for your interest in my work!

I’m an Irish visual artist/archaeologist and my artwork is uniquely Celtic yet outward looking. My artwork in both subject-matter and technique seeks to explore an archaeology of the unknown. How? I find my process is intuitively guided towards the additive/subtractive method. I tend to built up layers of medium (whether paint, charcoal or paper) just to remove it all again – probably to seek what lies beneath! This technique seems to imbue a hauntingly Celtic resonance whereby layers of mysticism are punctuated now and again with pockets of light emanating from the surface. This archaeological inquiry has found me revealing little gems of colour and incised lines dancing into, through, out-of and across the surface of the canvas. The surface plane seems to become a liminal space/gateway for Celtic spirituality whereby matter is spirit and spirit is matter. This dichotomy yet oneness is very evident on my more tactile canvases as heavy textured paintwork (usually through the use of tar/bitumen gloss paint) can simultaneously appear light by its ability to capture the light and glisten. As my work is progressing, I am now finding a yearning to tear holes in the canvas and to adorn it with bits and bobs. I also want to re-introduce an element of surrealism, probably to capture an archaeology of the sub-conscious…watch this space! P.S I am happy to have travelled into the Arctic a few times to really capture a sense of the unknown…but of course, it just found me wanting for more.


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