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  • The Parting

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  • the spell was broken

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    The Systemic Objectification Of Women

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  • the voice spoke, i am your shame and this is what i want to tell you release me

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  • Thief of hope

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    Thirty Denarii

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  • This Keeps Breaking Heart Deck

  • This Keeps Healing Heart Deck

  • Till This Stops Beating Heart Deck

  • Time Machine

  • to be happy i must wish for you to be happy are you happy?

  • TO BE OR NOT TO BE – Underwater fine art photography

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    Toy Story

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  • Train of Thoughts

  • Triangle. Sa Punta Ibiza

  • Tribute to Dali

  • Tribute to Picasso | Self Portrait

  • Tribute to Picasso. Woman in Blue

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    TV Lady

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  • Two Draped Figures

  • Um Lugar Melhor

  • under the moon i danced alone now, hearts ablaze we swirl and twirl together

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  • Vintage Michael Jordan

  • Wake up for Love

  • What happens in the Jungle, stays in the Jungle

  • when i let you in the wind and the flowers smiled as no surrendered to yes


  • Woman With A Book In A Red Chair

  • Woman With Child In Red Chair

  • Woman With Green Hair (II)

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  • Woman’s head

  • wounded i cannot breathe

  • Xs and Os and Flamingos

  • you wept when you told me you loved another