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17 Oct 2023

Art San Diego 2023 Spotlight Program Recipients

Art San Diego returns for its 15th edition November 3-5 at the beautiful San Diego Convention Center in the heart of San Diego’s vibrant downtown. Vibrant might also describe the artists selected for this year’s coveted Spotlight Program — each a standout for their creativity and innovative, forward-looking work.

Of course, Art San Diego will once again have an interesting mix of exhibiting galleries, art dealers, and artists from across the globe, showcasing the original work of hundreds of artists including prints, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, giclees, lithographs and glass works, among other contemporary and fine art.

This year’s Art San Diego will offer an exciting schedule of events to ensure a dynamic experience. In addition to the Spotlight Program, featured programs include Art Labs, the Discoveries Collection, the [LOCAL TALENT] Program, Access to Art, and the San Diego Art Prize.

From the amazing list of exhibitors, Art San Diego’s curators present the 2023 Spotlight Program recipients, providing collectors with a focused look at an amazing group of artists recognized for their skill and achievement in the visual arts.

Check out this year’s Spotlight Program recipients below!

Alessandra Silvaberg Studio – Booth 725

From the vibrant streets of Sao Paulo to workshops in NYC, Florida, Brazil, and California, Silvaberg’s camera has been an extension of her soul. With an innate ability to capture the essence of any subject that began early in life, she has nurtured her skill both formally and through self-exploration.

Guided by a deep spiritual connection to humans, animals, and nature, Silvaberg always aims to photograph the ubiquitous beauty around us. Her mission is to use art photography as a bridge, fostering empowerment, unity, and inspiration beyond boundaries of race, gender, and orientation. Through the lens, she immortalizes moments and emotions, drawing the viewer into the artwork’s holistic embrace.

Carol Hartman – Booth 230

Hartman, an American artist renowned for her textured large-scale paintings, masterfully blends layers of paint to oscillate between concealment and revelation. Each large-scale painting (some interactive) is a physical record of a specific experience identified in life. The paintings are begun very loosely as they relate to a particular experience — but they begin to speak, and Hartman reveals their message in the final layering.

Born in Montana and deeply rooted in the arts, she spent over two decades showcasing electronic installations about biases from California to New York. Since 2009, her oil paintings exploring human experiences have graced galleries in the U.S. and Europe.

Edna Oar Young – Booth 625

Edna Oar Young, a renowned dimensional metal sculpture artist, draws her inspiration from a vibrant palette of colors and a diverse array of art mediums. Her distinctive creations have graced national publications like House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and Illustrator Home Decorating. Additionally, prestigious institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution, Museum of American Folk Art, and the Baseball Hall of Fame have sought her expertise for commissioned works. Among her accolades, she takes pride in the Editor’s Choice Award from Colonial Home Magazine.

Edna’s roots trace back to rural Western New York, where she was engrossed in a world of unique antiques, courtesy of her parents, who were dedicated antique dealers. This early immersion in timeless artistry has left an indelible mark on her creations. As she looks ahead, Edna remains fervently dedicated to crafting exquisite dimensional works, continually taking cues from nature’s mesmerizing hues.

Henry Blond – Booth 902

Henry Blond, a master of expressive portraiture, stands out in the contemporary art scene for his distinctive approach to oil painting. He weaves a narrative with each stroke, opting for a carefully curated limited palette. His broad and dynamic brushstrokes are a testament to his commitment to the medium, ensuring every piece is imbued with energy and movement.

Blond’s work operates in a space of tension and harmony between the fully realized and the merely suggested. This balance establishes an engrossing dialogue within each painting, a conversation that resonates with intensity and extends beyond the canvas’s confines. Drawing inspiration from life, memories, and human connections, Blond captures the raw honesty of the human condition. He delves deep, exploring the myriad emotions, vulnerabilities, strengths, and intricacies that make up the human experience. He invites viewers to not just see but feel and connect with the stories painted on his canvas.

Julia C R Gray – Booth 229

Julia C R Gray, is a native California artist who sculpts ceramic torsos with rich layers of form, texture and painted narrative imagery.  Her artwork portrays multilayered messages, starting with vulnerability of the oceans and our bodies, balanced with the dialectic message of the power of the oceans and the strength of women’s bodies. Gray’s artwork also comments on contemporary life, personal experience and consciousness of nature.

Gray’s ceramic torsos are individualized through hand-painted glaze images and surface texture of layered ceramic slip. Her sculpture series SHE-Sea Wisdom features ceramic female torsos attached to bases of coral-inspired clay shapes. The body’s opalescent form speaks to the mystery of being, and deeply embedded coral patterns with real gold accents symbolizes nature’s preciousness. After texturing the outer surface, Gray carves holes into the clay to give the viewer superficial visual access within the body structure where red glaze is painted. The final gold and luster glazes add an understanding that this subject is treasured.


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