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15 Mar 2023

Announcing the Artexpo New York 2023 Visionaries 

As Artexpo New York presents its 46th edition at Pier 36 in Manhattan’s trending Lower East Side, a new addition has been made to the acclaimed fair programming: The Visionaries. Each Visionary is selected by Artexpo’s curatorial team based on three factors:

  • Unswerving representation of artist innovators, consistently bringing forward-thinking cutting-edge art to the fair
  • Articulate and distinctive presentation of each artist’s work, exceeding all display guidelines
  • Consistent exhibition at the fair over a period of three or more years

From the amazing list of exhibitors, Artexpo’s curators present the inaugural group of Visionaries — an acclaimed group of exhibitors giving Artexpo attendees a first-hand opportunity to see and collect incredible original art.

This year’s Artexpo New York takes place March 30-April 2, 2023, at Manhattan’s newest destination for art, Pier 36. Each year, the fair’s special programs range from immersive artist-led Art Lab experiences to compelling Art Talks and exciting Meet the Artist sessions.

Check out the 2023 Artexpo New York Visionaries. Don’t miss their exceptional exhibit and artists!

Art Love Gallery – Booth 207


With a background in art, film, and TV production, Art Love Gallery founder and artist Jackie Fuchs bring a keen eye and business acumen to the artists she represents. A successful artist herself, she guides artists’ careers, carefully shaping their individuality and brand. Art Love Gallery has established itself as an award-winning gallery with exhibitions at art fairs and pop-ups, always giving art collectors something new and innovative for their collections.

Artavita / World Wide Art – Booth 107

The Connection by Liyuan Liu

World Wide Art began in 2006 with a simple approach of printing an art book presenting the work of noteworthy artists from all over the world. Noteworthy means original, with an element of inspiration, vision, and originality; plus mastery in the artist’s given medium. Artavita is the online forum for these same artists to be seen and collected. With art that is continually new and fresh from both emerging and established artists, the Artavita World Wide Art curated exhibitions are a must-see at international art fairs.

K-Art Projects USA – Booth 109

Michele A. Utley Voight

Headquartered in Miami, K-Art Projects USA is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. The company’s mission, led by founder Tata Fernandez, is to promote art appreciation within the international community, inspire and assist collectors, and generate resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through art awareness, artist promotion, and art procurement. K-Art Projects USA has demonstrated consistent experience, innovation, and creativity in engaging audiences through inspired exhibitions.

Mecenavie Gallery – Booth 305

Claudine B.

Since 2004, Paris’ Mecenavie Gallery has been serving talented contemporary artists, providing them with high-quality services, including exhibitions in French and international art fairs, auction sales, and corporate rentals. By striving to give artists opportunities at multiple levels, Mecenavie also gives art lovers and collectors the ability to enjoy, learn about, and collect art at fairs, online, and directly from the artist.

Sarona Gallery / A&E Fine Art – Booth 307

Eti Ben Bast
Eti Ben Bast

Sarona Gallery is a fine art and jewelry gallery based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The gallery is a unique concept combining the fine art of paintings and sculptures and fine jewelry — all by Israeli artists and designers. Partner A&E Fine Art is based in New Jersey representing innovative artists to a global audience of collectors. With more than thirty years of experience in the art world, Sarona Gallery / A&E Fine Art comes together to present a curated group of exciting contemporary artists at Redwood art fairs annually.

The Gallery Steiner – Booth 300

Barbra – Don’t Rain On My Parade

The Gallery Steiner is a modern art gallery in the heart of Old Town Vienna, one of the most prestigious locations in Vienna’s city center. The mission of the company, led by Michelle, Corinna, and Dominic Steiner, stands for professionalism, modernity, diversity and internationalism. Since its founding in 2008, the gallery has established itself as a meeting point for qualified art collectors and a hub for internationally recognized and modern artists.


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