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30 Mar 2022

End to End Gallery – Artexpo New York Spotlight Artist Recipient

Artexpo New York 2022 is back on April 7-10 at Pier 36. Get to know more about one of this year’s recipients, End to End Gallery.

“End to End, E2E is a Graffiti & Street Art term that refers to a huge graffiti piece that covers a wall from one end to the other. On a subway train, it refers to a piece that covers the entire train, end to end.” Says Jeremiah Heller, art curator at End to End Gallery.

Kai – The Thinker

“This lexicon has been the inspiration behind our brand and our monthly exhibits in our Downtown Hollywood Showroom in Conjunction with the Downtown Hollywood Art Walk where we have curated an End to End space featuring a curated collection of Modern & Urban Contemporary Art from my personal collection that truly embodies the meaning of the term and creates a unique viewing experience. Placing works from our personal collection allows the works to be viewed publicly and allows us to educate and share our passion for the works within the collection.”

End to End Gallery will be located at Booth #104 at Artexpo New York 2022. Check out some of the pieces that will be featured below!

Baldur Helgason – Banana

A Curated Selection of Originals, Limited Editions and Sculptures from the leading Modern Contemporary Artists in the world including Kaws, Jordy Kerwick, David Shirgley, Ryan Travis Christian, Derek Alyward, Javier Calleja, Baldur Heglason, Michal Kagen, Roby Dwi Antono, Giorgiko, Erik Parker, Joakim Ojanen, Cesar Piette, Kai, And Yoshitomo Nara.

Hebru Brantley – Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself

A Curated Selection of the Leading Museum Inducted Black Artists from our personal collection of Originals, Limited Editions and Sculptures. Work by Hebru Brantley, Kayla Mahaffey, Max Samsing, Dovie Golden, Marcus Brutus, Marcus Leslie Singleton, Jammie Holmes, and James Kerry Marshall. 

Brian Calvin – Plant Life

Brian Calvin’s highly stylized portraits feature flattened planes of saturated color and evoke elements of Surrealism, Pop art, and Cubism. The artist often paints his predominantly female subjects in extreme close-up. A single face can comprise disparate skin tones and different colored eyes. It can be difficult to decipher whether Calvin’s compositions feature one face or two, and his group scenes often merge characters’ faces and limbs. Beneath Calvin’s bold, sunny hues lie serious conceptual concerns and an engagement with abstract principles. The artist received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994. He has since exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo, among other cities. His work belongs in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Portland Museum of Art, and the DePaul Art Museum. Calvin has also painted landscapes and interiors inspired by his California roots.

Originals, Editions, and Sculptures will be on Display

Kaws – You Should Know I Know

Artexpo New York will be held at Pier 36 from April 7-10, 2022. Tickets are available here.


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