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01 Sep 2022

Artexpo Dallas 2022 Spotlight Program

Artexpo, the world’s original art fair, comes to Dallas for an all-new three-day event, September 16—18, 2022. Artexpo Dallas will be a curated selection of 150+ of the most innovative exhibiting artists, galleries, and publishers from around the world. It runs will run alongside the WestEdge Design Fair, the fair for lovers of great design in home furnishings and beyond.

There’s a full slate of special programs including Art Labs, the Spotlight Program, Meet the Artists with Live Demonstrations, and the Discoveries Collection.  Engaging art talks and design seminars, special exhibitions, culinary demonstrations, book signings and special events, including an Opening Night Party, round out the experience—all in an environment designed to engage, entertain and inspire you.

The Spotlight Program is a focused look at a curated group of exhibitors that are the most cutting-edge in their field. Here’s an overview of the Artexpo Dallas 2022  Spotlight Program recipients!

End to End Gallery — Booth 133

One of the top urban art galleries in the nation, End to End, E2E is a Graffiti & Street Art term that refers to a huge graffiti piece that covers a wall from one end to the other. On a subway train, it refers to a piece that covers the entire train, end to end. The street abbreviation is E2E.

This lexicon has been the inspiration behind End to End Gallery in their downtown Hollywood, Florida, gallery. Jeremiah Heller, owner and curator, created the space to feature a curated collection of modern and urban contemporary art from his own personal collection. It truly embodies the meaning of the E2E term and creates a unique viewing and rich collector experience.

Heller has developed a loyal following for the hottest urban artists on the planet. From Banksy and Mr. Brainwash to Martin Whatson, Kaws, and Kai, the End to End exhibition at Artexpo Dallas will be an impressive and newsworthy booth.

Ephraim Urevbu, Urevbu Collection — Booth 116

Urevbu is a contemporary gallery owner, painter, and published writer. While the Urevbu Contemporary Gallery in Memphis’ South Main Arts District showcases a dynamic collection of artists from Africa and the African diaspora, their Artexpo Dallas booth will focus on Ephraim Urevbu’s work.

Art served as a bridge from his past in Nigeria to his present in Memphis – the poverty and seemingly impossible cultural and familial barriers to a career in art, the hardened realities of Black life in America, the challenges of racism, and the private battle against cancer – gifting him with a unique and compassionate voice.

Urevbu is best known for his large-scale abstract expressionist paintings distinguished by his presentation of bold acrylics and heavy pallet knife technique. He is currently busy in his studio working on a new body of work that explores important social and political themes such as morality, truth, race, equal rights and social justice, largely within the context of his personal experiences and American history.

Leticia Herrera, Leta Herrera Art  — Booth 134  

Leticia Herrera is a prize-winning Mexican-American artist with a surreal vision whose works can be found in private collections all over the world. A seasoned artist, her work has been displayed in Mexican museums and she has received numerous artistic achievement awards throughout north Texas. She masterfully captures an unusual perspective by painting with oil and a palette knife.

Her three-dimensional impasto figures, she refers to as “Walkers,” are described as dreamers of life who travel the world in search of unity and freedom. Her artwork, she believes, conveys a sense of human vulnerability and hope. The shadows of her “Walkers” describe constant movement, unstoppable, always moving towards the soul of human existence. Which one will “walk” into your collection?

Patrick Jones Gallery — Booth 130

Located in Dallas’ Design District, the Patrick Jones Gallery specializes in investment-quality art and design for both seasoned and inquisitive collectors. Gallery owners Patrick Jones and Reyne Hirsch are veteran collectors with an eye for up-and-coming artists — and it’s played well since each of their artists has set records at auction. With a focus on contemporary and modern art, as well as a variety of significant twentieth-century designs, you’ll see Banksy, Andy Warhol, Invader, Arsham, Dicke, and other notable artists represented.

The Patrick Jones Gallery offers an array of modern to contemporary artwork by leading artists from around the globe. From Warhol to Banksy and beyond, there is something for novice and seasoned art collector alike to discover, collect, and love.

Rodney Asikhia Gallery — Booth 114

Tribes Art Africa Gallery (TAAG) which was founded in 2001, is now known as Rodney Asikhia Gallery. Rodney Asikhia Gallery is the realization of a dream rooted in a love of beauty expressed through art.

African artists have used a variety of media to express the diversity of their culture.

With the freedom to depict real, surreal, or abstract situations, the Rodney Asikhia Gallery artists provide a collection of Nigerian contemporary art that engages viewers both on the physical and spiritual level. It is clear that in Asikhia’s thirty years of curating, promoting, and collecting art, he has a great eye for choosing the right artwork.  See some of his favorites on exhibit at Artexpo Dallas!


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