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01 Apr 2022

Gregory Bedford – Bedford Fine Art: Artexpo New York 2022 Spotlight Recipient

Artexpo New York 2022 is back on April 7-10 at Pier 36. Here at Art Business News, we’ll be highlighting this year’s Spotlight Artists, showcasing each artists’ unique style and creative process. Get to know Gregory Bedford of Bedford Fine Art!

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 60s during a time of the hippie movement, the moon landing, free love, and rock n roll was a lot to take in for a young artist protege at the age of 10. His father was an artist, his mother was a fashion model.

Artists were constantly coming and going in the Bedford household. One artist, in particular, was Stanley Grosse, an artist who influenced Greg’s versatility as an abstract artist. Teaching Greg the different techniques of abstract painting. Greg would watch Stanley paint for hours taking it all in. With so many changes happening during the 1960s and ’70s. Woodstock, the Vietnam war, and the peace movement. Greg eventually moved out of the house at the age of 18, where he traveled to Europe and studied abroad. In later years Stanley Grosse became Greg’s Mento

He Studied at The University of Art San Francisco. His work has been in Art News Magazine, The Marriott Hotel, and showings in Santa Fe New Mexico, and Carmel California. His wide “sphere of life experiences” fosters his creativity and design.

Greg has also been influenced by the style, affect, productivity, and versatility of artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Stephen De Stabler, Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Gerhard Richter, Paul Glee, Jean Basquiat, and Jackson Pollock.

These artists have influenced Greg’s artistic style that comes from within. Such freedom and expression have allowed him to expose his “inner soul” and his passion, particularly his textured 3-D work “Freedom” which resonates with excitement, energy, and spirit.

Greg resides in Silicon Valley with his dog Bella, In his spare time the artist restores classic cars.

What Now
“As in my latest piece, who asks the question? “Uh Oh! What Now”?  Where do we go from here? The world we live in today is constantly changing. With Covid 19, and now Ukraine struggling to survive. It just breaks my heart.”
“In this painting, We see a beautiful butterfly getting ready to leave the cocoon. When a viewer looks at my work, I want them to see the flowing energy as it moves with the painting. Each angle has something new to discover.”
From the Beginning

“From The Beginning Series One of my favorites! Adding texture with multiple colors using my blade working fast, never analyzing. Keeping my mind clear and free as a new beginning starts to blossom.”

The Altar

“A place to go to feel safe and at peace.”

Bedford Fine Art will be exhibiting at booth #S237 April 7-10, 2022 at Artexpo New York.


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