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15 Nov 2022

Spectrum Miami 2022 Spotlight Recipients

For Miami Art Week 2022, Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami will be opening their doors on Wednesday, November 30, running through Sunday, December 4, 2022. With the only Two Fairs Under One Roof venue, Spectrum and Red Dot offer a world-class experience for art enthusiasts during this year’s Miami Art Week.

The two fairs form the acclaimed contemporary and fine art experience that collectively presents some of today’s most coveted national and international galleries and artists from the U.S. and around the world. Redwood Art Group exclusively produces the two art shows housed in one location—considered to be the only multi-show production of its kind during Miami Art Week.

With a full slate of special programs including Art Labs, the Spotlight Program, Meet the Artists with Live Demonstrations, and the Discoveries Collection, it’s the ultimate destination for the fine art industry professional and contemporary art enthusiast who seek a more accessible experience with exhibits showcasing the world’s most progressive portfolios by some of today’s elite artists, galleries, dealers, and emerging talents.

The Spotlight Program is a focused look at a curated group of exhibitors that represent cutting-edge creativity and a distinctive approach to their art and the art world. Here’s an overview of this year’s Spotlight Program recipients!


Briana Fitzpatrick (Booth 1506)

Briana Fitzpatrick is a multidisciplinary artist who loves to dance, flip, contort, and paint all at the same time. It sounds wild and you can imagine a studio filled with paint splattered floors and walls. Fitzpatrick might be painting while hanging upside down spinning from the ceiling, engaging in a creative outburst, and feeling alive and present in the moment. She hopes her deep desire to capture the dynamic beauty of energy and movement in her art allows the viewer to be inspired, express who they are, and follow their dreams. Fitzpatrick says, “When we do and express what we love most, we not only shine brighter, but so does our world.”

Brinton Farrand (Booth 1203)

Brinton Farrand is an experimentalist, heavily influenced by Salvador Dali, tattoo artists, and street artists around the world. He doesn’t follow the crowd. By observing society and life around him, Farrand uses his art to tell a story of what he sees and feels, challenging the status quo in both the depiction of ideas and the techniques used to capture it. He believes that the foundation of artwork should include strong lines, vibrant colors, and the power of light and reflection.

Deadwax – Alex Grimmer (Booth 1610)

Deadwax is the area on vinyl records between the last track on the record and the label that does not get used.  Deadwax art was started by Alex Grimmer, an artist out of Los Angeles. Grimmer started selling art on the famous Venice Beach, then travelled the U.S. selling artwork at music and art festivals. The goal of his art is to portray how music can make you feel, the emotions or memories that come from listening to a certain artist or song. Grimmer believes the best part of his work is hearing how it stimulates memories while experiencing the artwork.

Jordana Rae Gassner (Booth 1417)

Jordana Rae Gassner is primarily an oil painter with a focus on metaphysical realism. Growing up in the Black Hills of Sougth Dakota gave her a love of nature and an appreciation of the freedom to explore. Today, Gassner resides in Germany and spends much of her time exploring and experimenting with ideas of science and spirituality on her canvases. Through her work, she endeavors to connect, comfort, and question using a visual and abstract approach that, “circumvents an automated response of rejection.”

Juan Pablo Zapata (Booth 1606)

Juan Pablo Zapata works with a fluid, instinctive approach of emotions through movement, color, and form.​ With the intention to connect people with their own self, their beauty and their emotions — emotions of excitement, curiosity, aliveness, and ease — Zapata intends to bring a fresh perspective into the art world, with creation that goes beyond the established art of the moment.​ He explains, ​”I want it to be of value to others. I want to bring new perspectives of reality and follow my own instincts in the creative process. I want to be loyal to my inner creativity and let it flow freely.”

 Scott Jeffries (Booth 1602)

Scott Jeffries is a painter and sculptor whose work is vibrant and joyful, filled with color and energy. Jeffries explains that his work is an irreverent expression of his subconscious, an invitation to his brain. His vivid imagination was manifested through doodles as a child and has evolved over the years to the work he is doing today. The intention is for his work to be a mirror of the person creating it and provides a reflection of his mood, introspection, and thoughts.


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