A Fancy Love Note

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  • Original artwork on stretched canvas | Unframed, ready to hang
  • Created: 2020

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The Greek Ἀγαπη ̓ is the modern use of the word ‘Love’. I believe this quote by Osho speaks to the figure of a woman sitting in her favorite enjoying her morning coffee under the word ‘Love’, in a previous painting that I made for my mum. The quote read “You are love. Rather than saying that you love somebody, it will be better to say you are love. So, whoever is able of partaking, can partake. Whoever is capable of drinking out of your infinite source of being, you are available. You are available unconditionally.” I believe there is no greater gift for a woman for her counterpart to be invited to family, knowing she is also unconditionally loved by all. To be a part of that and more. I’ve also written text on the side panels regarding love and that one cannot put a figure on such a type of love. The ‘Evil Eye’ above protects her from harm.

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Dimensions 36 × 24 × 2.4 in

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